Case study and commercial interviews are some of the most challenging assessments at commercial law firms.

We know many of you struggle in these interviews because you lack experience analysing business articles or debating commercial issues in an interview setting.

You’re not used to being challenged by a partner. You’ve never had to explain how a commercial story impacts a law firm. You don’t know what to expect or how to best prepare.

Introducing TCLA’s Virtual Training Programme.

Each week, TCLA will be providing interactive training sessions for premium members. These sessions are designed to help you develop your commercial awareness and teach you how to excel during interviews at top commercial law firms.

Learn To Stand Out

These sessions are designed to equip you with the training you need to excel during commercial interviews and case studies.

Tailored Training

 Our intimate group sizes mean you’ll receive training and feedback that is tailored to your needs.

Commercial Lessons

Our topics, questions and discussions aim to develop your commercial awareness in time for your interviews.

The Sessions

  • Alice Gossop
    Alice Gossop Future Trainee at Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer
  • Jaysen Sutton
    Jaysen Sutton Founder, The Corporate Law Academy

The Training

Each session lasts for one hour and takes place within small, intimate groups via Zoom (an easy-to-use video conferencing software).

We are currently running four sessions per week on a Wednesday and Thursday evening. We rotate every month, and candidates with an existing premium subscription can sign up to one session each month. Dates are allocated on a first come, first serve basis.

Once registered, you will be sent a topical commercial news article to read in advance of their session.

During the session, the TCLA team will:

  • Discuss the questions you might expect in an interview and share advice for formulating answers to technical interview questions.
  • Share advice for how to prepare and what to expect in commercial and case study interviews.
  • Explain technical concepts and discuss the broader commercial implications of the article.

The sessions will be interactive. You will have the opportunity to practice answering interview questions in a close-knit, supportive environment. After the session, you will receive a feedback form, as well as a detailed summary of the topic, with mock interview questions to practice.

The Corporate Law Academy’s
“Ones To Watch”

In April 2020, we completed 17 sessions of TCLA’s Virtual Training Programme. Almost 100 candidates went through the first month of our programme and we were extremely impressed by the calibre of candidates.

Our training programme is designed to be hard, consisting of practice interview questions and a group debate, in order to prepare candidates for future assessment centres and interviews. With that in mind, we identified five candidates who stood out to us as absolutely exceptional this month, based on their communication skills, commercial awareness and performance in the group exercise. When making this decision, we factored in the stage of the candidate.

Congratulations to the following candidates:

Yusuf Panah

Laura Beaumont

Sharaf Shiekha

Verity MacInnes

Brittany Wiltshire

We are currently taking a break over the summer period, but we expect to get back to these virtual training sessions soon!

Feedback From Candidates

  • Thanks so much for creating this scheme! Honestly speaking, I was really nervous before joining the video -  because I’ve never got to a stage for partner interview/group exercise and I was really worried how it would be with my lack of experience. I really enjoyed it and appreciate that you both kept it as close to the real thing as possible! I get really worried about the breadth of my commercial knowledge and how I come across but today’s session has given me a lot of insight and I appreciate it! Thank you again and I hope to practice with you both again!
  • Thank you so much for yesterday's session. Having never applied for a training contract through fear of not "being ready" I was certainly sceptical about how I would perform when it came to demonstrating my wider commercial knowledge, particularly within a group setting. I cannot thank you and Alice enough for your time and feedback throughout the session. It was great to be put on the spot and challenged to answer niche questions albeit within a supportive environment.
    D. I
  • I just wanted to say thank you for that really insightful session. One thing I am consciously trying to improve at is articulating myself when discussing commercial concepts and summarising articles in interviews. After this session, I have come out with a renewed sense of confidence! I really liked how friendly everyone in the meeting was and felt instantly comfortable to discuss my ideas freely without judgement. I look forward to (hopefully) join again in May. Please also pass my gratitude to Alice! 
  • I have been so worried about how the next application cycle will be affected but today gave me the reassurance that, as long as I confidently continue to build on my knowledge of the commercial world in any way that is now possible given the circumstances, whatever happens in this crisis will not define how my career progresses. Instead, how I adapt will.
  • I really enjoyed yesterday’s session. As mentioned, I have had two failed assessment centres this cycle and I truly believe my case study interviews were the weakest activity on the day; especially with how I projected my thoughts and my lack of understanding in how to read and truly find the information they were asking me. Yesterday’s session allowed to me understand how to think commercially!! (I have been running away from the “C” word, but I feel a bit more confident after yesterday’s session). Also, I have realised that I don’t have to know everything about a topic to be able to discuss it. Prior to yesterday, I wasn’t really a fan of “Big Tech” discussions and the regulations surrounding it, however, I now understand that even with the little I know, I am able to go through an article, summarise it and go through each paragraph analysing it’s contents. The contributions from the group helped me a lot also - it allowed me to discover points I would’ve previously either bypassed or not thought about.
    Yesterday was honestly amazing and I AM CERTAIN that by continuing with these sessions, I will be in a better position to secure a training contract in the 2020/21 cycle.
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