What is it?

TCLA’s Crash Course is an intensive one-day training event designed to help you secure a training contract.

We’ve gathered talented people across the profession to provide a crash course into mergers and acquisitions, legal technology and the role of lawyers in the City.

We’ll also share our best advice for writing applications that stand out, give you access to detailed checklists on current commercial topics and provide one-to-one application feedback.

The aim of the day is to help you become an exceptional candidate.

Financial training

Learn To Stand Out

You’ll leave the event with specific, actionable advice that you can apply to your applications and interviews.

Intimate Training

 In addition to networking on the day, you’ll be given access to a private forum with session summaries and checklists.

Crash Courses

Our crash course sessions are designed to break down key commercial topics ahead of your applications and interviews.

The Sessions

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Who should come?

TCLA’s Crash Course is open to any aspiring lawyer: law or non-law, student or graduate, beginner or application veteran.

We take pride in TCLA’s welcoming community and our events serve as an extension of that.

As this is a training event, please note that spaces are limited. Aside from scholarship attendees, tickets are issued on a first-come, first served basis.

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Full schedule to be released in due course.

The Venue

The TCLA Scholarship

10 fully funded places are available via the TCLA Scholarship Fund. Candidates will be selected based on financial need and/or impact.

If you’d like to apply to the TCLA Scholarship all you have to do it send an email to scholarship@thecorporatelawacademy.com stating why you need the support of the scholarship and how it would help you. We will then make a decision and get back to you by email.

To leave time for submissions, we expect to get back to applicants in late September. We can assure you that the information you send us will be kept confidential.

Want to support candidates through the TCLA sponsorship fund?

We are keen for TCLA’s Crash Course to be an option for all aspiring lawyers.  If you would like to fund places for this event, please email us at scholarship@thecorporatelawacademy.com.

We are keen to shout about supporters of the fund and we’ll credit you or your organisation on our scholarship page. We’ll also be sharing some of the stories of those who win a scholarship.

Contact Us

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